Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lake Cochituate and fishing

I've been looking and looking, going back and forth with my photos looking for that heart connection.  I think I must have spring fever!!  This is a bit of a stretch but I am going with this post as my connection - more of a heart reminder that the grass isn't always greener somewhere else and that it is good sometimes to just "bloom where you are planted".

Thank you Kat for creating and hosting The Photo Heart Connection.  It is such a pleasure to meet so many creative and kind people through our little piece of blogland.

Often when I think about going on a photography adventure, I think about going someplace other than where I already am.....the ocean, the city, a garden...etc.

I accompanied my husband while he went fishing in our home town, at Lake Cochituate (cuw-chit-chew-it).  I spent plenty of time fishing when I was a little girl, but it isn't something I would do on my own now.  It seemed like fishing was a lot more exciting then.  My husband cast out the lines (one person is allowed to use two poles) and set them up on the holders he made.  "Aren't you going to cast a few times?" I inquired.
"You call this fishing?" I teased him, "you aren't even holding the poles!"   
Maybe he was happy to see me go off with my camera - lol.

Nice hot coffee makes the time spent more agreeable.

Somebody forgot their goggles... I can't imagine going into that cold water!!

It's nice to remember that you don't have to go somewhere "special" to have fun exploring with a camera.  And to find contentment cozy and comfy at home, lost in the activity of photo editing.  A simple heart connection.


  1. Sometimes its about seeing our everyday surroundings with new eyes. You made me laugh with the "you call that fishing" line.

  2. Hi Phyllis, I agree that sometimes the simplest pleasures are the most rewarding and give us that lovely warm feeling inside.
    A pretty water and sky shot in the third image and echoed in the sepia processed one.
    I know that some people go fishing for the peacefulness of the whole process, more than for the actual catching of fish!

  3. Yes, yes! I love going to familiar places with new purpose. I loved your post, and completely agree, the grass isn't always greener on the other side, however I would love to see the grass in Europe! haha But until I can get there, I'm just trying to rock what's in front of me. Thanks for sharing this!

  4. Absolutely wonderful! Yes, you don't have to go far from home to experience the wonder of a place. I've discovered that for sure, with moving back home from Italy. What I discovered I love to capture in places I can find here close to home. Thanks for sharing in the Photo-Heart Connection.

  5. Love your post and images! You made me laugh out loud!! My husband would definitely rather I not take photos of him and take my camera elsewhere! I'm going to keep your comments in mind the next time I want to "go" on a photo shoot! It doesn't have to be a special place to create and capture special memories!!

  6. Your images are beautiful. I agree that it is so important to capture the everyday. Love the photo in the middle, the sky is beautiful!

  7. Hi, Phyllis, Beautiful...I love that phrase..'bloom where you are planted'. and, I love the images of the fishing adventure. All of them. They tell a wonderful story...Gone fishin' for the beauty in the familiar. Love it!

  8. Phyllis, I enjoyed your post! There is a lot to be said for just looking around in our own back yards to find the beauty that is there. If we can't find the beauty in those every day places how can we find it any where else? Thank you for this great reminder of such a simple lesson!