Thursday, November 22, 2012

Divine Photo Art Friday - Nov. 23rd

This week at Photo Art Friday, Bonnie prompted us to use her texture "Signed and Sealed" to create our digital photo art.
I recently completed an Angelic Guidance class with Jessica Kozak.  See "The Soul Purpose" to read more.  Jessica is a lovely, fun, likeable, talented and extremely gifted woman.  To make a long story short, Jessica told our class about a place where she had visited and walked the grounds. Betania II located in Medway, Ma

My husband and I went there for a walk on Sunday and I took lots of photos.

For this edited photo of Archangel Michael, I chose an aqua color background and used PhotoScape to add the prayer.  I used Pixlr to layer and edit the photo.  The rainbow glow effect was created using the aptly named effect called "Divine"

And here is the original photo:

Finally, for this week's project I chose to use the following photo as a layer on top of Bonnie's texture:

I typically use PhotoScape to edit a photo to my liking, and then Pixlr to work with layers and final editing.  For the final effect of this editing project I used the filter "emboss" and when I did, I noticed that it gave the photo a luminous effect and really enhanced the light and the script in the background.

Friday, November 2, 2012

photo art friday - the first Friday of Novemeber '12

They say that time goes by even faster as you get older.  I think that I must getting really old, because time is certainly fyling by.  It's Friday once again!

For this week's Photo Art Friday, Bonnie suggested using her background/texture, "Cobblestone Road".  It's fun to be prompted with a suggestion and then go through your pictures to create a new piece of photo art, and it is interesting to see what other people have done.

I'm not sure why I thought of putting a zebra from a carousel on top of a cobblestone road, and I'm not that happy with it, but I though I would share just the same.

This would have fit last week's Photo Art prompt called "derelict"

  I can't say why I choose a certain photo to edit, I guess I'm just drawn to it.

Out of all of my "Cobblestone Road" edits, I like this one of the hydrangea flowers the best.

 Happy Friday - hope it is a wonderful weeknd with plenty of time for fun things.