Sunday, September 25, 2011

Photo Art Friday

Thank You to Tatjana Parkacheva for mentioning Photo Art Friday on her blog (with her beautiful rose).  
Bonnie, at Pixel Dust Photo Art, has a fun spot called Photo Art Friday,
a place for sharing digital editing of photographs.

While hubby was yelling at the tv watching the Patriots play football, I was photo editing.
Here is the end result (Thank you Henry David Thoreau for the quote)

I started with this photo of the boat, taken in Oqunquit, Maine...

and used this photo...

to create my first texture - What Fun !!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Color Wheel, part one exploration with Kat

Kat’s most recent exploration from The Kat Eye View of the World is the color wheel, part 1.
In Kat’s post she gives great examples and great descriptions of monochromatic color, analogous color schemes and chromatic gradation.  In reviewing my archives I discovered that I have taken lots of photos with opposites in the color wheel, but not many to tie in with this exploration.

Thanks to a little photo editing, I have an example of a monochromatic color scheme..

And if I've cropped out enough purple flowers, an example of an analogous color scheme...

And if I could go behind the store window and move Oscar next to Grover, then Big Bird and Ernie, followed by Elmo, I think I would have a fine example of chromatic gradation.  And Bert, well I’m not certain where he will go..  Please be sure to visit Kat’s site for the explanation!!

SIGN - SIGN everywhere a SIGN.....

Signs draw our attention. Lately, I have been drawn to photographing them. So many signs are deliberately designed with colors to capture our attention, but I think these signs still effectively convey their messages in black and white.

Signs show you where to go...

where you are...

and where you might need to go....

signs that are to the point....

signs my youngest son does not want to see...

and signs I like to see...

mmmm....canolis from the North End in Boston...

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

weekend reflections in Maine

Summer is winding down and the air is getting cooler...  This reflections photo is a shot of the lake, taken on the last morning of our vacation.  The water was so still and it was a chilly 47 degrees..

visit James at Weekend Reflections to see a sampling of gorgeous photographs

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Monochrome in Maine

We lost our electricity for 4 days after the hurricane.  Then we had our vacation in Maine, in the middle of nowhere without any electricity..Now we are back into the fast pace of work and life..

I took this photo while we were driving in Maine, on our way to Eastport - one of the easternmost locales in the mainland USA.

I liked the photo in color, but the blues and reds drew your attention away from the old car. In black & white,  I like the way your eye is drawn to the textures in the car and the way it is framed between the two old gas pumps.  I wonder what the price of fuel was back then??

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