Sunday, August 28, 2011

water and mist - awaiting hurricane Irene

a black and white photo featuring water and mist...thought this would be appropriate as we await the approach of hurricane Irene here on the east coast...

unlike today, this photo was taken on a hot summer day in Boston...

check out The Weekend in Black and White if you enjoy black & white are in for a treat - stay safe and happy weekend !!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Liberate Your Art postcard swap and blog hop !!!!

Kat Sloma from The Kat Eye View was the creator, host and laborer for this creative and fun event.  Each of us created 5 unique postcards and forwarded them to Kat.
Kat very graciously received, stamped, sorted and mailed 1020 of them !!  phew!

I studied my photos and went back and forth before finally selecting the final 5.
I wasn't certain what I would write on the postcards, but finally chose a quote which came from a fortune cookie of all places.  The fortune read “Never judge a work of art by its defects".
I never look for the defects in anyone else's artwork, yet it is something I always to do myself. … see my previous post here

Every day I looked forward to checking the mail, eagerly awaiting a postcard.  I displayed the postcards on our fridge and let my family know every time one arrived.  It was so much fun to participate and receive the lovely postcards.  And the fun still continues as we meet each other and share our creative lives with each other on our blogs.

I chose to use a little creativity with the scanner in my sampler of the beautiful postcards I received…..

And after all of the effort Kat had already put into this project, she was kind enough to send each of us a postcard from her.  I am really grateful that I was fortunate enough to find Kat’s blog and everything that she has brought out in me since then.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Weekend Reflections - 2nd week

It's true that time flies.....and a weekly posting really reinforces just how quickly it does !!

 Linking with James at Weekend Reflections.  This photo was one of my first blog photo's and one of my favorites as you can tell by my blog header.  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and week ahead.

The Weekend in Black and White

It looks as though I have traveled to some exotic locale to take this photo, but it was actually taken in a neighboring town on a gorgeous property run by the Massachusetts Horticultural Society.  A beautiful spot to walk around, dream, picnic or take photo's to your hearts content...

The texture in this photo is not crisp and sharp, as many black and white photo's are.
But I like the graineness of it - somehow I think it works with the grainy texture of a stone or cement statue.

I've come across a very interesting blog - The Weekend in Black and White - and am linking this post up with them.  You could spend hours looking at all of the great black & white photographs and blog postings.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

frame within a frame....

... is the most recent exploration series with Kat Sloma from The Kat Eye View of the World; Exploring with a Camera series.  When I read the newest exploration series posted by Kat would be "frame within a frame" and I saw all of the beautiful examples, I must admit that my first reaction was "ugh - why can't we have something easy!"  But once again my creative mind has been exercised and my own "eye view" has grown.

We live in the suburbs of Boston.  I was wishing for centuries old crumbling archways with quaint village scenes just beyond...but not much of that to be found around here.

These goats seem to be quite content living at the local ice cream stand.  My dear husband pointed out to me that the window in the rear of the shed is actually a frame.. within a frame...within a frame.

In this photo I did some cropping and realized that I had already framed this view between the trees.

This scene is the first idea that came to me when I thought about what might fit the bill for a frame within a frame...

and the brick wall in this photo frames the window...which frames the flag indoors.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Weekend Reflections

My first time linking with Weekend Reflections
"The place to see and share photographs of reflections"

Thought it would be appropriate to include a few photo's taken around my home town...   
reflections in water . . . . .

 the Sudbury River at sunset

reflections of a pair of swans on a local pond..

and more reflections in water courtesy of a pair of canadian geese.

Wishing everyone a happy weekend

The Butterfly Place

LOVED  The Butterfly Place.....

Located in Westford, Massachusetts

what a wonderful place to visit - fun for all ages

and what a fun place to take photographs

the butterflies landed on us and made us smile

everyone was enchanted by the butterflies ....hundreds of them flying around us

the temperature is maintained at 80 - 85 degrees

well worth the admission price

and fun to experiment with the photo's when you get home!