Tuesday, August 9, 2011

frame within a frame....

... is the most recent exploration series with Kat Sloma from The Kat Eye View of the World; Exploring with a Camera series.  When I read the newest exploration series posted by Kat would be "frame within a frame" and I saw all of the beautiful examples, I must admit that my first reaction was "ugh - why can't we have something easy!"  But once again my creative mind has been exercised and my own "eye view" has grown.

We live in the suburbs of Boston.  I was wishing for centuries old crumbling archways with quaint village scenes just beyond...but not much of that to be found around here.

These goats seem to be quite content living at the local ice cream stand.  My dear husband pointed out to me that the window in the rear of the shed is actually a frame.. within a frame...within a frame.

In this photo I did some cropping and realized that I had already framed this view between the trees.

This scene is the first idea that came to me when I thought about what might fit the bill for a frame within a frame...

and the brick wall in this photo frames the window...which frames the flag indoors.


  1. Great photos. I particularly love the two chairs framed between the trees.

  2. Wonderful photos ~ I live North of Boston on Cape Ann ^_^

    namaste, Carol { Blogs are A Creative Harbor and Share the Creative Journey) ~ thanks

  3. I love your framed serie, special the fire fighters truck, maybee because my son is a volontueer.

  4. You made it work!! I too wish there were arches and castles with windows, alas, no.
    I love the image with the chairs on the dock, and your husband is right about that window behind the goats. I like the new look of your blog.

  5. These are great, I especially love the first two images.

  6. Well, for not liking the theme initially you rocked this exploration! Great images all, but I especially love those chairs on the water. You framed that perfectly between the trees, and with the light reflected off the water... wow. Thanks so much for joining in and sharing!