Sunday, August 7, 2011

Weekend Reflections

My first time linking with Weekend Reflections
"The place to see and share photographs of reflections"

Thought it would be appropriate to include a few photo's taken around my home town...   
reflections in water . . . . .

 the Sudbury River at sunset

reflections of a pair of swans on a local pond..

and more reflections in water courtesy of a pair of canadian geese.

Wishing everyone a happy weekend


  1. That is a lovely set of reflections for the weekend ; I specially enjoy the first one : you did catch the twilight of the evening with a great art !

  2. Wow...all three of these are great reflections. I'm jealous I didn't take them. I love how in the first image the water softens and blurs the reflection. Glad you're linking up. James hosts a wonderful meme.

  3. Beautiful shots. I love the atmosphere from the first, wonderful.