Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Weekend in Black and White

It looks as though I have traveled to some exotic locale to take this photo, but it was actually taken in a neighboring town on a gorgeous property run by the Massachusetts Horticultural Society.  A beautiful spot to walk around, dream, picnic or take photo's to your hearts content...

The texture in this photo is not crisp and sharp, as many black and white photo's are.
But I like the graineness of it - somehow I think it works with the grainy texture of a stone or cement statue.

I've come across a very interesting blog - The Weekend in Black and White - and am linking this post up with them.  You could spend hours looking at all of the great black & white photographs and blog postings.


  1. Excellent photography with wonderful composition.


  2. This b&w set of guanyins certainly appeals to me.

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  4. PS. Yes, I am a scanner too; and I just scanned the lovely photos on your blog. Nice!