Sunday, August 28, 2011

water and mist - awaiting hurricane Irene

a black and white photo featuring water and mist...thought this would be appropriate as we await the approach of hurricane Irene here on the east coast...

unlike today, this photo was taken on a hot summer day in Boston...

check out The Weekend in Black and White if you enjoy black & white are in for a treat - stay safe and happy weekend !!


  1. I love this photo! well, how was Irene? it seems there is a lot of flooding in areas. I hope you're safe and the worst has passed. happy day to you.

  2. It certainly looks hot! Fine street photography.

  3. Cool photo...or shot I say "hot" photo?

  4. this definitely works in black and white!

  5. This sets just the best tone for playing with water, although Irene didn't come for play, did she? I think the poor folks in NH are still cleaning up the mess.

    BTW: Just read your comment over on my blog. That really meant a lot to me. I've often wondered if anyone picks me out of the crowd to 'check' out to see what I've cooked up next.
    Look on my favorites list next time you visit. You might find a nice surprise. :-) DAvid Houston b&w