Thursday, November 22, 2012

Divine Photo Art Friday - Nov. 23rd

This week at Photo Art Friday, Bonnie prompted us to use her texture "Signed and Sealed" to create our digital photo art.
I recently completed an Angelic Guidance class with Jessica Kozak.  See "The Soul Purpose" to read more.  Jessica is a lovely, fun, likeable, talented and extremely gifted woman.  To make a long story short, Jessica told our class about a place where she had visited and walked the grounds. Betania II located in Medway, Ma

My husband and I went there for a walk on Sunday and I took lots of photos.

For this edited photo of Archangel Michael, I chose an aqua color background and used PhotoScape to add the prayer.  I used Pixlr to layer and edit the photo.  The rainbow glow effect was created using the aptly named effect called "Divine"

And here is the original photo:

Finally, for this week's project I chose to use the following photo as a layer on top of Bonnie's texture:

I typically use PhotoScape to edit a photo to my liking, and then Pixlr to work with layers and final editing.  For the final effect of this editing project I used the filter "emboss" and when I did, I noticed that it gave the photo a luminous effect and really enhanced the light and the script in the background.


  1. oh wow! the first piece is amazing!

  2. your original photos are amazing and your edited art images are beautiful as well~!
    i like what you did with Bonnie's PAF texture/layer.
    i found it to be a bit challenging but it was a good learning experience for sure.


  3. Hi Phyllis, I see you are continuing your course on layering. I actually do really love the original photo of Archangel Michael. I like the warmth and aliveness of the two untouched photos you took.

  4. this is really remarkable, Phyllis. both your photos, SOOC, are stunners, and the editing you've done really created two breathtaking pieces of art. lovely!!

  5. Wow! both of them are wonderful...

  6. These are amazing. Beautiful pieces of Art Sculpture turned in equally beautiful pieces of photo art. I can't decided which I like better.

  7. especially love what you have done with this last photo! perfect with this texture

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