Monday, July 18, 2011

Reflections in Glass

This is the current  theme at Kat’s Eye View Exploring with a camera series.
I enjoy participating in Kat’s series – the prompts remind me to look at things in a new way.  I always learn something new - from myself, from Kat, and from the other people who participate.

This photo is a reminder of a beautiful spring afternoon with my husband.  We enjoy visiting the Longfellow’s Wayside Inn.  It is a great place to enjoy a leisurely walk in a historic area.  We made a spur of the moment decision to stay and have lunch outside on such a beautiful day.  When I originally took this photo, I wasn’t thinking about reflections on the outside of the glass. (I was more intent on looking forward to what was inside the glass)

As usual, the camera explorations had me out exploring and looking at reflections in glass in a new way.
There is currently a large construction project taking place at our local high school.  The yellow poster on the classroom wall catches my eye first, and then the blue sky.  It’s not the most beautiful subject matter, but it is an interesting reflection.

I got a kick out of this glass reflection photo.  The circle of the sign holder on the door is right where the flash on my camera is located.

The mirror in this photo is from and old dresser set.  I removed the mirror from the dresser and sponge painted it to complement the colors in one of my paintings I have in the dining room.  The painting reflected in the mirror is a treasured watercolor my dear friend painted for me.  It holds special memories.  I didn’t think about setting up the table for a photo shoot.  I am looking forward to spending time learning more about indoor shots, but for now there is too much to do outside!

This is not really a reflection in glass, although it looks like it.  My husband and I spent a morning at the Sandwich Glass Museum in Sandwich, MA.  The display panel of glass depicts an image of two men in period clothing.  I asked my husband to stand on the other side of the glass so I could take his photo.  I noticed after the fact how well the colors in his shirt blended with the display.

Here's to a happy summer with lots of opportunities to go out and shoot more photo's!!


  1. You captured so many great reflections! I love how you framed the Barber shop door, with your camera perfectly centered on the sign holder. Thanks so much for linking in!

  2. Don't you love reflections? You might check out James' linky "weekend reflections" Every Friday late morning he opens up for reflection shots. It's where I first started playing with them.
    I really like the barbershop shot-I'm drawn to signs, letters, graffiti and this fits. I also like that last shot with your husband superimposed on the historical images.