Friday, July 29, 2011

Glimpse of Ogunquit

  Edwin Mccain is one my favorite musicians.  He recently performed in Oqunquit, Maine.  Hubby and I decided to go to the show and enjoy a few days of fun in the sun.
   I was trying to be very discreet while I took this photo of Edwin with my digital camera.  Everyone else was snapping away and taking videos with their little phones.

Oqunquit is located on the southern Maine coastline.  One of our favorite things to do while there is to walk the Marginal Way.  The Marginal way is a 1 ¼ mile paved footpath which winds along the rocky Maine coastline.  Starting near the village and ending in the harbor at Perkins cove.

This is a shot of where we stayed.  It is located near the village end of the Marginal Way.  Heavenly to be somewhere so lovely when the temp was over 100 degrees!

One nice feature of Oqunquit is that the shops, restaurant and beach are all within walking distance.   This restaurant is located in the village. 

This is a shot of the river. It flows into the ocean right next to the beach, which is also located near the village.

Here is an example of Maine's rocky coastline.

These boats are located in Perkins Cove, at the opposite end of the Marginal Way.

This boat was going back & forth in the harbor.  I am guessing that they were checking their lobster traps.

Happy Summer !!

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  1. You make Maine look great. You were just a 25 min. drive from my home in Kennebunk. Must confess I don't "brave" Ogunquit in the summer very often. Too many visitors and cars for a local girl to stand. I hope your visit was looks it.