Saturday, July 30, 2011

in search of repeat patterns....

You see patterns everywhere once you start looking for them.  Some are so obvious and others much more subtle.  The current Exploring With a Camera series with Kat from the Kat Eye View is Repeating Patterns.   

I started my seach seeing patterns everywhere, in clovers, pavement, walls, fabric.... I could go on and on.  The creative part was in searching for a pattern that would also make an interesting photo subject.

These flowers represent the many repeat patterns found in nature, and even the activities of the bees is a pattern of nature repeating itself season after season.

Jack the cat has a lovely pattern in his fur

Patterns are easily found in man made structures, some very obvoius...

patterns in the roof tiles and patterns in the iron work

the patterns of wooden house trim and roof shingles

and the subtle symmetrical patterns in the architectural details of this old building

You'll see patterns in tunnels...

crossing bridges..

in your local garden center....

and even while putting your feet up for a rest !!

"Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way"


  1. Love your repeating patterns - would never have thought of the gray tabby cat having repeating patterns.....wonder if he knows!

  2. Great set Phyllis. My two faves are the bridge (and yes I recognize it) with the beautiful sky behind and the tunnel...that's a cool catch. I couldn't get either of those as a driver. Can't wait to see what the next subject is from Kat on Thursday.

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by and letting me know you received one of my postcards! I love your photos, that one with the pots my favorite!

  4. How awesome! Cat fur patterns - I never thought of that! I also love your reference to the pattern of the seasons. We live in patterns within patterns don't we. Lovely photos, I'm so glad to have you linking in!

  5. hello phyllis! i just got your beautiful post card in my mailbox - it came all the way to kodiak alaska! your work is beautiful & i'm thrilled to own a liberated piece of it!
    deb christensen