Sunday, October 2, 2011

the pumkin and squash weekend in black & white

It finally felt like fall today.
The day was overcast and chilly, but there were plenty of people out picking apples and visiting roadside farmstands.  We came home with apple cider, apple pie and a pumpkin.

It was interesting to see the results of editing colorful fall vegetables into black and white images. The first photo is a shot of of bright orange pumpkins.  Ereything was covered in water droplets from an earlier rain shower.  I like the drops of water, they add texture and interest.

This large squash was a light tan color..

And these interesting pumpkins were white to begin with.  I had fun editing the photos to come up with even lighter white pumpkins...

Thank you Dragonstar for hosting The Weekend in Black and White - check it out here.


  1. Nice shots ... my favorite is the second ... great composition and I like the water drops, looks so fresh!


  2. Nice black and white photos.

    Regards and best wishes

  3. I like the second as well. The shape is so interesting, and the raindrops show more clearly.

  4. You were lucky to get a half-way decent afternoon. We had yucky rain ALL day. But I spent time reading :)
    Your trip to the pumpkin patch looks like it was time well spent. I like that last image...the cropping makes it unusual. Hope all is well.