Friday, November 18, 2011

photo art friday in Boston

Happy Friday!   I chose to share this photo editing for several reasons.  And I must admit that the number one reason is so that I can boast about why I was in Boston.  We were at historic Fanueil Hall in Boston as my oldset son was sworn in as an Attorney!!  I was so proud to present my son with his license and to hug him and tell him how proud I am of him and how much I love him.

Photo Editing:

 I don't have Photoshop.  I keep thinking that someday I will make the purchase, but as of yet I must say that I really like using Photoscape and Pixlr, both of which are easy to use and you can find them for free on the internet.

This first photo captured my attention because of the "Cheers" sign, which most people are familiar with and associate with Boston.  The second thing that captured my eye was Santa.  The day we were there, a crew was stringing the lights around the gigantic Christmas tree.

I used many features on Photoscape.  I really played around a lot with this photo.
I cropped, used backlight, saturate, sharpen, vignette and the film effect cross process.

This is the first original photo.

And the second photo, taken from the parking garage as dusk approached on a rainy evening.

I placed the second photo as an object on top of the first photo, made it more opaque, combined them and sharpened and saturated again.  I used color curves to add more green and red while getting rid of some of the excess blue.  I used backlight and the film effect cross process once more.  As of now, I can't really say that I have a technique that I follow.  I just experiment as I go along and save quite often in case I overwork something, I can go back to where I was happy with the reusults. 

Oh.. and here is the final photo!  I like the effect of the windows of the buildings in the Cheers sign.

Time to go to work!!  Hope everyone has a happy and creative day!
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  1. What a fun edit Phyllis! Most, if not all, of my edits are experimentations - never quite knowing exactly what I want, how to get there, or what surprises will emerge along the way. Some of the best results were happy accidents. Thank you for sharing your artistry and process with Photo Art Friday. And, congratulations to your son. What an accomplishment!

  2. Now THIS is fun! What a great compositioin.


  3. Cheers! How cool is that! Great work

    Happy Weekend! =)

  4. Fun, Fun edit. I love the two pictures you used and how they turned into such a wonderful piece of photo art.
    Congrats to your son for his accomplishment.

  5. This turned out great! Congratulations to your son!

  6. wonderful processing; very nice composition. thank you, kareninkenai (from PAF)

  7. I love the second shot, fantastic exposure.
    That looks like a fun process, great composition.

  8. this IS fun, great composition and rendering!

  9. Hey Phyllis...thanks for stopping by with a Thanksgiving wish-and happiest to you as well.
    I love seeing in your photos, places I recognize. While it's fun to "travel the world" while visitng blogs, it's also fun to see some known venues thru another's eyes.
    I have been messing with layering images too. you never know what will work and what won't. I think that's the fun of it. I do love the abstract result, where you THINK you know what's there and then you see something else. The images continue to unfold.
    Congrats to you and your son on his achievemnt.