Friday, November 11, 2011

Dad & Son photo art

A lovely co-worker of mine was looking for a way to combine two special photographs;
one of her son as a newborn holding his Daddy's thumb, and one of her son and his Dad walking through an apple orchard this fall.  I tried combining the photos side by side, one above the other, in black and white and sepia and layering one photo over the other and removing color. 

What finally seemed to provide the best results was editing the baby photo to sepia tones, adding it as an objet on top of the apple orchard photo and making it opaque.
 I think it might be a present for Dad!!  


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Bonnie and the fellow photo artists are SO VERY creative.



  1. love the idea of combining two photos to tell a story . . .

  2. This is wonderful and I think it would make a great gift for the dad.

  3. Very lovely composite and will make a beautiful gift. You did an excellent job with the processing. Thank you. kareninkenai

  4. What a touching composition! I'm sure it will be a treasured gift. Thank you for sharing it with Photo Art Friday.

  5. Hi, love your image, so lovely!

  6. I bet he will love it. I like what you did here.

  7. It's challenging to combine two busy photos that have so much to say on their own. Changing the use of color is a great idea; you might also try changing up the sizes and play with moving the baby photo into the upper right corner but blending down into the walking photo. I love playing with layers too and this one has so many possibilities!

  8. Thank you for the comments and suggestions!!
    Terrie, I hope to try your suggestion. This one has been so different because I know how special these photos are to my co-worker, and I'm not just playing around waiting for "happy little accidents"

  9. oh what a wonderful idea! its like the passing of time in one photograph.

  10. I'm glad that I wasn't given that task.
    Wouldn't have known how to begin. You did it so well. Must have taken a lot of thought as well as ingenuity.