Sunday, May 27, 2012


Spring is finally here .... and so is the pollen.  The pine trees were releasing big billowing clouds of  pollen this morning and everything is covered in green dust.

The first poppy in my garden decided to pop open.  I only have one blossom, but it is a beauty.  I went to the local garden center on Mothers Day and wandered around taking photos of flowers, and found more poppies there.

poppy in my garden with a bit of bokeh in the background

garden center poppies

poppy seeds close up 

the irises are gorgeous everywhere too !! I love spring flowers

Happy Memorial Day weekend  - I hope it is lovely wherever you are.


  1. Gorgesous poppy shots, Phyllis. That third one is my favourite and love the different shapes and textures from the wide open poppy with the gorgeous stamens fanning out and the tight, furry bud just starting to burst open and the way the poppy on the right creates balance to the composition. Beautiful! Poppies are really stunning flowers and the centre of the fourth one is wonderful!
    I also love poppy seed cake, do you?!
    Enjoy the rest of your Memorial Day weekend.

  2. Hi Sandra - Thank you so much for your kind comments! mmm... poppy seed cake sounds yummy..I've had poppy seed muffins but don't think I have ever had the cake! Do you have a recipe?