Friday, February 3, 2012

photo-heart connection january 2012

This month, my heart sings with this photograph
It sings because I am so pleased with the results
It sings because of the shades of robin’s egg blue and aqua
It sings because it feels like a painting to me
It sings because it is a beautiful orchid
It sings because a dear friend gave it to me
It sings because I edited it
It sings because I enjoyed the morning I spent experimenting with my camera and new tripod
It sings because I started experimenting with aperture
It sings because I didn’t have a preconceived idea of what it would look like after editing and I was so pleased with the results
The results were more like an unexpected present than intentional and that is ok

I sing because I continue to learn and grow and create

Kat from the Kat Eye studio came up with a fun monthly photo prompt called
The Photo-Heart Connection
Each month we will post the photo that most captured our heart and explore why it did so
Visit Kat's site here to learn more:  kateyestudio


  1. Love unexpected results (especially when they are good)! Great photo - it also feels soft. Great connections as well.

  2. I love how this photo sings for you! I can feel it to, in the colors and in your words. What a perfect way to describe the Photo-Heart Connection!

  3. Singing with you Phyllis! I love this photo and the colours!

  4. Great song and photo, you are talented.

  5. I love your heart connection and your words to describe it - and yes that blue is divine!

  6. Gorgeous image! I love the softness you've created! Your words describe how I feel when a photo just works!! My heart sings!!

  7. Beautiful, soft image - lovely.

  8. your phto has gorgeous colors!!! love the words too!

    Light Trigger

  9. What a beautiful photo and it gave you so much to sing for.