Thursday, January 19, 2012

I like.......


contrast in color and textures



a scene you can see yourself walking into

reflections and store window displays

sharp, crisp and clear

and I love editing photos

all this decisiveness from a woman who could never even pick a favorite color...

I highly recomend you check out Kat Eye Studio and the online courses offered.

Start the journey to finding your eye - like I did !  Thanks Kat !!! ♥

kat eye view


  1. I love your bright and cheerful flower shots with contrasting colours. I especially like the yellow flower with the bee in the middle.

    I'm not into editing photos too much, but I find it interesting when people do that. It seems to be a big trend to give things the antique look. I can see that you are having fun when you try it out!

    This has been a great learning journey, hasn't it?

    Good luck for the continuation!


  2. Your first image is so stunning, i love the vibrance & contrast in all of them. What a great journey we have been on, I can't wait for more!!

  3. You are so welcome Phyllis! I love the decisiveness you share in this post! You are definitely striding into your journey with confidence. That's the best thing about Finding Your Eye - the confidence and empowerment that comes to you. What a beautiful thing to find!

    1. Confident and empowered are two words I wouldn't even think of using in the same sentence with myself, but you are correct Kat. How amazing to find such great things in a lesson that appears to be so simple - yet look how powerful the results of the lesson turned out to be!

  4. Love the store window photo! Keep up the good work!

  5. What lovely bright and cheery pictures. Especially love the yellow flower with the bee in the middle - very striking.
    Photography is a great hobby isn't it. I only discovered how much I enjoy it when I started blogging. Keep at it!!!

  6. Just beautiful...i love how you turned that first photo into a postcard!

  7. I also love editing my photos! It's so intriguing to me to see the different moods that can be created simply by layering on a different texture or a mask or a different color. I love the contrast in your photos, you have really mastered the use of depth of field to get that soft focus background and sharp, crisp focus on your subject. Beautiful work!

  8. Your photo with the texture added is lovely. I enjoyed seeing the original at the top and then the altered one at the bottom. The whole layering thing with textures is a mystery to me. I tried it once with my Photoshop Elements program but it was confusing. And I must follow up on the Scanner concept. I've always called myself a dabbler and criticized myself for not sticking with any one thing. Now I'm off to look for Barbara Sher's book.

  9. Hello Phyllis, do you have a contact address where I might write to you? I can't see one on your blog. You recommended a software programme to me at the beginning of our course. I have downloaded it and have managed most of the settings, but am stuck right at the end! My email contact address is on my blog. Here it is: